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No different to US – WE ALL respond to the ways in which we are treated, the rules we are taught & respect that is earned!

How many of us own a dog because we hate animals? EXACTLY – NOT ONE!!! My own dog is often referred to by me as ‘MY Son’ – I love him to bits, but, that doesn’t mean that he has everything a-l-l his own way. I am still ‘Pack Leader’. The settee is for humans, the floor is for dogs; he has his bed & I have mine. As much as I would hold a door open & follow a Lady through it out of respect, MY Son knows that I enter or exit first & then he may follow. These are examples of how you do not need to be a Tyrant yet still ensure that your dog knows “Who’s Who” in the ‘pecking order’ – whether you are a Single person with your Best Friend or your boy/girl is part of a wider family.

I do not condone those that rule their dogs with violence & anger BUT there are times that negative behaviour can also warrant a negative response. An example of this: If my own dog misbehaves he is given the same treatment that I experienced as a child, “3 strikes & you’re out!” He will be told once that he has done wrong – a simple, “Bad”. He will be told again, (I was not always the fastest learner), “Bad!” ... Repeated a third time & he will be ‘Sin-Binned’, “OUT!” ... & 20 minutes alone in the garden. Not much of a punishment you might think. It is when you are a Chocolate Labrador who thrives on attention, fuss & affection more than you do on food!

I have always been proud of the praise dogs have received that I have owned or cared for. It gives an enormous sense of well-being to hear somebody say, “Ooh, isn’t he good; I wish mine was like that!” It’s not that their dog couldn’t be like that; it’s simply that they either haven’t had the time or knowledge or understanding of their own dog to train them to the same degree. Far from being damning, my attitude is simply that we are all better at some things than others ... I happen to understand animals ... I’d make a terrible Brain Surgeon!

My Son is ‘my immediate family’ – he’s been pretty well everywhere with me since the day I picked-him-up from the Breeder: ‘one of the lads’ on every Construction Site (thank-you to some very decent Health & Safety Officers), long car journeys back to Scotland, every beauty-spot I’ve found on the map, even ‘First Dates’. He’s also been to Church. He’s a family member – WHY shouldn’t he be invited to the wedding too ... BUT ONLY IF HE’S WELL BEHAVED ... & THAT is where Training comes in!

I don’t care if it’s as simple as Toilet Training with a new puppy through to an older dog that j-u-s-t won’t walk to heel! Your last two dogs were easy & this one’s the same breed ... Don’t worry, I may not be Cesar Millan or (somewhat closer to home) Barbara Woodhouse; let’s see if we can sort this wee problem out together*!?

*together: This will require some time to be invested by both you & your family.

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