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It is widely recognised that & acknowledged that, beyond the obvious quality of health in our dogs, walking & exercise also help with regard to mental stimulation & wellbeing. Many dogs that often chew/scratch, pine/cry, or even show signs of aggression, usually show marked improvement through regular exercise plus the associated mental stimulation through interaction with others & the things they’ve seen/sniffed. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve watched the dogs around me fall asleep & paddle or run through their dreams.

Regards ‘Walking’: First & foremost we recognise that, just like us, no two dogs are the same! The one thing that must remain a constant though, as dogs are instinctively Pack animals, is to ensure that we are Pack Leaders. It is important that this is reinforced by you as their owners. It is very confusing for any of us to have one rule with one person & another with somebody else. Dogs also respond best to consistency & routine. We will of course combine a degree of either basic obedience Training or re-affirming the Training that your dog already has with, of equal importance, FUN & PLAY.

As every dog IS different we will naturally tailor our Service to his/her specific needs & temperament.

A few examples:-
Some dogs are naturally sociable & will instantly integrate with other dogs – immediately enjoying their company – whereas others may need to be introduced gradually.

If your dog is either very young, or showing signs of aging, he/she may be wary of loud noises & fast movement; so it may be prudent to take our walks somewhere fairly quiet.

By contrast, if you have a dog of medium to large breed, needing plenty of exercise – we might find that he/she takes well to trotting alongside a bicycle, or we may even go swimming!


Whatever we work out as the best routine for your boy or girl – we will, of course, confirm & agree what we are going to do with you first – nonetheless we expect to bring home one tired & contended dog!!!


Being a Country Lad, more than happy to be soaked to the skin, never happier than when I am embracing the ‘Great Outdoors’ & having moved down here from Scotland – I’ve known far harsher climes.

I have the mentality that is certain your dog will not care if he/she has to be rubbed-down & dried-off either. I love this land & all the seasons that it has to offer ... Your boy/girl will undoubtedly feel the same way too. Any of us who are Paws-4-Life Walkers, I know, will share that attitude! N.B. For reasons of Safety & Control - any of my Team will walk your dog in a maximum pack of 6.

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