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The Residential Construction Industry was on its knees & I was eventually, after surviving a number of ‘Rounds’, made redundant. I was not prepared to sit & watch Breakfast TV until the Industry resurrected itself. There were a number of routes I could have taken BUT as I’m now fast approaching 40 years of age my attitude was that rather than seeing this as ‘doom & gloom’, I had an opportunity here to take a long hard look at what I valued most in Life, what I wanted most, what experience I had & what I could offer.

I started my working life by joining the Army as an Officer Cadet – returning home after injury. I have worked in a number of different industries & been highly successful within them all – probably due to not much more than hard-work, commitment & an awful lot of common-sense. I’ve been working here in Berkshire for the better part of a decade in Site Management & loved my career, though often found that I was ‘living to work’ (up to 20 hours a day) rather than ‘working to live’.

In Reading, where Paws-4-Life is based, I worked as the Site Manager for one of the largest developments in the area to date: 300 Homes in Caversham – at its height with over a hundred men on-site at any one time.

My passion has always been for the Great Outdoors: I do not belong in an office, feeling like a caged animal. I don’t care if the Heavens are pouring down glorious sunshine or throwing down raindrops the size of bathtubs ... I do not have ‘Dry Clean Only’ stamped on my forehead!

I was raised as a ‘Country Boy’, knowing & being around animals all my life, I rarely found that they are argumentative unless frightened or distressed. They have undoubtedly brought me the greatest of pleasure. It was just this, in the form of my own Chocolate Labrador, which inspired me to set-up Paws-4-Life. My Boy has seen me through thick-&-thin, forever a stout friend whatever has been going on in my life over the last few years. I say, “Inspired” advisedly ... even the Autumn/Winter Company Uniform was selected based on his colouring!

Having worked at the Management end of any Industry that I’ve worked within, there has been much that I bring to you now, based on my own experiences - from both the Positive & Negative sides.

I hope that this is encapsulated within our Mission Statement:-

“A Professional Provider of Elite Pet Care”

Within many Companies this is nothing more than a PR exercise ... NOT within Paws-4-Life!

Example: Your Dog* is ill at 2 o’clock in the morning & needs to be taken urgently to the Vet. This may be the middle of the night BUT ill-health does not necessarily select ‘office hours’ when it attacks. WE WILL arrive, in the middle of the night, as fast as is safely possible to do so in order to take him/her to the Vet & (if necessary) we will wait with you until you have been seen & treated! In almost every Industry there is one Client. Here we always have a pair – One being your pet, the other being YOU – we want you to know that YOU ARE BOTH VALUED BY US!

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