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We have done some extensive research to ensure that not only are we competitively priced BUT ALSO to ensure that YOU – as VALUED CLIENTS – are fairly charged. It is an age-old adage, “People buy from People – NOT from companies”.

Message from Alastair (Jock) the Founder of, “I would agree entirely with the statement above! This is a Service Industry & as such I do believe that you have to get-on with & trust us ... No less important we need to feel the same way about you. We are looking after a treasured member of your family & at times your Home. We need to feel that there is a mutual appreciation & as such please choose to use our Service based not only on the basis of our ‘value for money’ but also on the fact that you feel there is a mutual trust to be found between us. We look forward to a long & happy coexistence with you & your pets”.

Dog Walking
PUPPY (to 12 months) Walk, Play & Basic Training Hour 15.00*
ADULT (healthy) ‘Reinforced’ Basic Training & exercise 1 Hour 20.00*
ADULT (2nd & equal health) at same time ‘Reinforced’ Basic Training & exercise 1 Hour 15.00*
SENIOR (judged by health rather than age) Walk & Limited Play Hour 15.00*

Dog Training
Basic Training (3 Times per Day) “Recall, Sit, Stay, Lie Down, Heel” etc. 3 x 1 Hour 225.00*
Behavioural Training (Adult) Aggression, Territorial, etc. 1 Hour 100.00*

Pet Sitting
Irrespective of Number of Pets: 12 Hour stay (ordinarily approx. 7pm to 7am) *** Includes security checks of your home & garden, plant watering, discretionary cutting of grass & purchase of supermarket shopping for your return home. *** Per Night 60.00*
Per 7 Day Week 300.00

Taxi to Vet
ONE ADULT & Pet (With Taxi Waiting) *** Charged from Pick-up Time*** 1.00 Per Mile + 20.00 Per Hour
ONE ADULT & Pet (With Taxi Departing & Returning within an Hour to an Hour *** Time Agreed ***2.00 Per Mile (Reasoning behind this is that the journey is going to have to be driven twice)

Cats, Birds, Reptiles
‘Drop-In’ Feed, Water, Play, Litter change, etc. 2 x 30 Minutes 25.00*

* - Within 5 miles of Reading Central (1,00 per mile to 10 miles & 2.00 per mile thereafter) + Time-&-a-half for a Saturday + Double-Time for a Sunday.

Example: Dog Walking (One Healthy Adult) 8 miles from Reading = 23 (20 + 3 miles).

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