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Our pets can’t help it any more than we can – they get ill too!

It may be that you do not have a car; it may be that you cannot arrange the time away from work; it may be that you have a dog that is too big or heavy for you to lift/carry on your own!?

We currently have 3 liveried vehicles in & around Reading – Ranging from a Fiesta through to a Jeep & Volvo Estate ... The last of which has been kindly provided by Margaret Ann Ward. She is still, proudly & rightly so, the Breeder of the Breed Record Holder for Snoshire St Bernards! It’s a thankless task trying to find a cab company who will accommodate a dog, no matter how big or small, almost anywhere across the UK. We will drop what we are doing as quickly as is humanly possible in order to pick-up your pet if it’s an emergency. Alternatively, if you have an appointment, please give us as much notice as you are able & we will re-schedule our activities in order to ensure that we have allowed plenty of time to get you to the Vet & also to wait for you to be seen if necessary.

We also have most of the Reading Vets already entered into the Sat-Navs so, if you can tell us which you are heading for, we should have no problem in getting you there as speedily - & safely – as possible.

N.B. We are not a ‘licensed Cab Co.’ so we are essentially taking your pet to the Vet & will, of course, take ONE family member (or whoever is looking after your pet) with us BUT no more than the one person. In fairness: most Vetinary Surgeries are not really places that the whole family would ordinarily want to make a trip to.

Of course we are in business partly to earn a living – as much as we are doing this because of our love of animals – BUT we will not charge you an exorbitant fee. ‘IF’ we can ask you to contact the Vet & explain that you will be delivering your pet via our Service then it will hopefully mean that you will not have a long waiting period. Equally should you have to wait for some-time, if we know in advance, we will work around your appointment to fit-in either the walking of a dog or perhaps just a ‘pop-in’ (Example: an hour to feed someone’s cat, clean their litter-tray & give them some loving fuss).

It goes without saying, we are sure, that in the 21st Century you would not appreciate smoke in our vehicles as we do not want anybody’s pet to inhale passively.

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